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DataFrame.itertuples(index=True, name='Pandas')

Iterate over the rows of DataFrame as namedtuples, with index value as first element of the tuple.


index : boolean, default True

If True, return the index as the first element of the tuple.

name : string, default “Pandas”

The name of the returned namedtuples or None to return regular tuples.

See also

Iterate over the rows of a DataFrame as (index, Series) pairs.
Iterate over (column name, Series) pairs.


The columns names will be renamed to positional names if they are invalid Python identifiers, repeated, or start with an underscore. With a large number of columns (>255), regular tuples are returned.


>>> df = pd.DataFrame({'col1': [1, 2], 'col2': [0.1, 0.2]}, index=['a', 'b'])
>>> df
   col1  col2
a     1   0.1
b     2   0.2
>>> for row in df.itertuples():
...     print(row)
Pandas(Index='a', col1=1, col2=0.10000000000000001)
Pandas(Index='b', col1=2, col2=0.20000000000000001)