Styler.background_gradient(cmap='PuBu', low=0, high=0, axis=0, subset=None)

Color the background in a gradient according to the data in each column (optionally row). Requires matplotlib.

New in version 0.17.1.


cmap: str or colormap

matplotlib colormap

low, high: float

compress the range by these values.

axis: int or str

1 or ‘columns’ for colunwise, 0 or ‘index’ for rowwise

subset: IndexSlice

a valid slice for data to limit the style application to




Tune low and high to keep the text legible by not using the entire range of the color map. These extend the range of the data by low * (x.max() - x.min()) and high * (x.max() - x.min()) before normalizing.