DataFrame.sort(columns=None, axis=0, ascending=True, inplace=False, kind='quicksort', na_position='last')

DEPRECATED: use DataFrame.sort_values()

Sort DataFrame either by labels (along either axis) or by the values in column(s)


columns : object

Column name(s) in frame. Accepts a column name or a list for a nested sort. A tuple will be interpreted as the levels of a multi-index.

ascending : boolean or list, default True

Sort ascending vs. descending. Specify list for multiple sort orders

axis : {0 or ‘index’, 1 or ‘columns’}, default 0

Sort index/rows versus columns

inplace : boolean, default False

Sort the DataFrame without creating a new instance

kind : {‘quicksort’, ‘mergesort’, ‘heapsort’}, optional

This option is only applied when sorting on a single column or label.

na_position : {‘first’, ‘last’} (optional, default=’last’)

‘first’ puts NaNs at the beginning ‘last’ puts NaNs at the end


sorted : DataFrame


>>> result = df.sort(['A', 'B'], ascending=[1, 0])