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DataFrame.reset_index(level=None, drop=False, inplace=False, col_level=0, col_fill='')

For DataFrame with multi-level index, return new DataFrame with labeling information in the columns under the index names, defaulting to ‘level_0’, ‘level_1’, etc. if any are None. For a standard index, the index name will be used (if set), otherwise a default ‘index’ or ‘level_0’ (if ‘index’ is already taken) will be used.


level : int, str, tuple, or list, default None

Only remove the given levels from the index. Removes all levels by default

drop : boolean, default False

Do not try to insert index into dataframe columns. This resets the index to the default integer index.

inplace : boolean, default False

Modify the DataFrame in place (do not create a new object)

col_level : int or str, default 0

If the columns have multiple levels, determines which level the labels are inserted into. By default it is inserted into the first level.

col_fill : object, default ‘’

If the columns have multiple levels, determines how the other levels are named. If None then the index name is repeated.


resetted : DataFrame