pandas.timedelta_range(start=None, end=None, periods=None, freq='D', name=None, closed=None)

Return a fixed frequency timedelta index, with day as the default frequency

Parameters :

start : string or timedelta-like, default None

Left bound for generating dates

end : string or datetime-like, default None

Right bound for generating dates

periods : integer or None, default None

If None, must specify start and end

freq : string or DateOffset, default ‘D’ (calendar daily)

Frequency strings can have multiples, e.g. ‘5H’

name : str, default None

Name of the resulting index

closed : string or None, default None

Make the interval closed with respect to the given frequency to the ‘left’, ‘right’, or both sides (None)

Returns :

rng : TimedeltaIndex


2 of start, end, or periods must be specified