DataFrame.to_gbq(destination_table, project_id=None, chunksize=10000, verbose=True, reauth=False)

Write a DataFrame to a Google BigQuery table.


If the table exists, the dataframe will be written to the table using the defined table schema and column types. For simplicity, this method uses the Google BigQuery streaming API. The to_gbq method chunks data into a default chunk size of 10,000. Failures return the complete error response which can be quite long depending on the size of the insert. There are several important limitations of the Google streaming API which are detailed at:


dataframe : DataFrame

DataFrame to be written

destination_table : string

Name of table to be written, in the form ‘dataset.tablename’

project_id : str

Google BigQuery Account project ID.

chunksize : int (default 10000)

Number of rows to be inserted in each chunk from the dataframe.

verbose : boolean (default True)

Show percentage complete

reauth : boolean (default False)

Force Google BigQuery to reauthenticate the user. This is useful if multiple accounts are used.