DataFrame.to_stata(fname, convert_dates=None, write_index=True, encoding='latin-1', byteorder=None, time_stamp=None, data_label=None)

A class for writing Stata binary dta files from array-like objects


fname : file path or buffer

Where to save the dta file.

convert_dates : dict

Dictionary mapping column of datetime types to the stata internal format that you want to use for the dates. Options are ‘tc’, ‘td’, ‘tm’, ‘tw’, ‘th’, ‘tq’, ‘ty’. Column can be either a number or a name.

encoding : str

Default is latin-1. Note that Stata does not support unicode.

byteorder : str

Can be “>”, “<”, “little”, or “big”. The default is None which uses sys.byteorder


>>> writer = StataWriter('./data_file.dta', data)
>>> writer.write_file()

Or with dates

>>> writer = StataWriter('./date_data_file.dta', data, {2 : 'tw'})
>>> writer.write_file()