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Series.str.match(pat, case=True, flags=0, na=nan, as_indexer=False)

Deprecated: Find groups in each string in the Series/Index using passed regular expression. If as_indexer=True, determine if each string matches a regular expression.


pat : string

Character sequence or regular expression

case : boolean, default True

If True, case sensitive

flags : int, default 0 (no flags)

re module flags, e.g. re.IGNORECASE

na : default NaN, fill value for missing values.

as_indexer : False, by default, gives deprecated behavior better achieved

using str_extract. True return boolean indexer.


Series/array of boolean values

if as_indexer=True

Series/Index of tuples

if as_indexer=False, default but deprecated

See also

analagous, but less strict, relying on instead of re.match
now preferred to the deprecated usage of match (as_indexer=False)


To extract matched groups, which is the deprecated behavior of match, use str.extract.