pandas.read_sas(filepath_or_buffer, format='xport', index=None, encoding='ISO-8859-1', chunksize=None, iterator=False)

Read a SAS file into a DataFrame.


filepath_or_buffer : string or file-like object

Path to SAS file or object implementing binary read method.

format : string

File format, only xport is currently supported.

index : identifier of index column

Identifier of column that should be used as index of the DataFrame.

encoding : string

Encoding for text data.

chunksize : int

Read file chunksize lines at a time, returns iterator.

iterator : boolean, default False

Return XportReader object for reading file incrementally.


DataFrame or XportReader


Read a SAS Xport file:

>>> df = pandas.read_sas('filename.XPT')

Read a Xport file in 10,000 line chunks:

>>> itr = pandas.read_sas('filename.XPT', chunksize=10000)
>>> for chunk in itr:
>>>     do_something(chunk)

New in version 0.17.0.