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Enter search terms or a module, class or function name., buf=None, max_cols=None, memory_usage=None, null_counts=None)[source]

Concise summary of a DataFrame.


verbose : {None, True, False}, optional

Whether to print the full summary. None follows the display.max_info_columns setting. True or False overrides the display.max_info_columns setting.

buf : writable buffer, defaults to sys.stdout

max_cols : int, default None

Determines whether full summary or short summary is printed. None follows the display.max_info_columns setting.

memory_usage : boolean/string, default None

Specifies whether total memory usage of the DataFrame elements (including index) should be displayed. None follows the display.memory_usage setting. True or False overrides the display.memory_usage setting. A value of ‘deep’ is equivalent of True, with deep introspection. Memory usage is shown in human-readable units (base-2 representation).

null_counts : boolean, default None

Whether to show the non-null counts

  • If None, then only show if the frame is smaller than max_info_rows and max_info_columns.
  • If True, always show counts.
  • If False, never show counts.
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