DatetimeIndex.tz_localize(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Localize tz-naive DatetimeIndex to given time zone (using pytz/dateutil), or remove timezone from tz-aware DatetimeIndex


tz : string, pytz.timezone, or None

Time zone for time. Corresponding timestamps would be converted to time zone of the TimeSeries. None will remove timezone holding local time.

ambiguous : ‘infer’, bool-ndarray, ‘NaT’, default ‘raise’

  • ‘infer’ will attempt to infer fall dst-transition hours based on order
  • bool-ndarray where True signifies a DST time, False signifies a non-DST time (note that this flag is only applicable for ambiguous times)
  • ‘NaT’ will return NaT where there are ambiguous times
  • ‘raise’ will raise an AmbiguousTimeError if there are ambiguous times

errors : ‘raise’, ‘coerce’, default ‘raise’

  • ‘raise’ will raise a NonExistentTimeError if a timestamp is not

    valid in the specified timezone (e.g. due to a transition from or to DST time)

  • ‘coerce’ will return NaT if the timestamp can not be converted into the specified timezone

New in version 0.19.0.

infer_dst : boolean, default False (DEPRECATED)

Attempt to infer fall dst-transition hours based on order


localized : DatetimeIndex



If the DatetimeIndex is tz-aware and tz is not None.

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