HDFStore.put(key, value, format=None, append=False, **kwargs)[source]

Store object in HDFStore


key : object

value : {Series, DataFrame, Panel}

format : ‘fixed(f)|table(t)’, default is ‘fixed’

: Fixed format

Fast writing/reading. Not-appendable, nor searchable

: Table format

Write as a PyTables Table structure which may perform worse but allow more flexible operations like searching / selecting subsets of the data

append : boolean, default False

This will force Table format, append the input data to the existing.

data_columns : list of columns to create as data columns, or True to

use all columns. See here # noqa

encoding : default None, provide an encoding for strings

dropna : boolean, default False, do not write an ALL nan row to

the store settable by the option ‘io.hdf.dropna_table’

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