Series.order(na_last=None, ascending=True, kind='quicksort', na_position='last', inplace=False)[source]

DEPRECATED: use Series.sort_values()

Sorts Series object, by value, maintaining index-value link. This will return a new Series by default. Series.sort is the equivalent but as an inplace method.


na_last : boolean (optional, default=True)–DEPRECATED; use na_position

Put NaN’s at beginning or end

ascending : boolean, default True

Sort ascending. Passing False sorts descending

kind : {‘mergesort’, ‘quicksort’, ‘heapsort’}, default ‘quicksort’

Choice of sorting algorithm. See np.sort for more information. ‘mergesort’ is the only stable algorithm

na_position : {‘first’, ‘last’} (optional, default=’last’)

‘first’ puts NaNs at the beginning ‘last’ puts NaNs at the end

inplace : boolean, default False

Do operation in place.


y : Series

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