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Series.str.translate(table, deletechars=None)[source]

Map all characters in the string through the given mapping table. Equivalent to standard str.translate(). Note that the optional argument deletechars is only valid if you are using python 2. For python 3, character deletion should be specified via the table argument.


table : dict (python 3), str or None (python 2)

In python 3, table is a mapping of Unicode ordinals to Unicode ordinals, strings, or None. Unmapped characters are left untouched. Characters mapped to None are deleted. str.maketrans() is a helper function for making translation tables. In python 2, table is either a string of length 256 or None. If the table argument is None, no translation is applied and the operation simply removes the characters in deletechars. string.maketrans() is a helper function for making translation tables.

deletechars : str, optional (python 2)

A string of characters to delete. This argument is only valid in python 2.


translated : Series/Index of objects

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