GroupBy.apply(func, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Apply function and combine results together in an intelligent way. The split-apply-combine combination rules attempt to be as common sense based as possible. For example:

case 1: group DataFrame apply aggregation function (f(chunk) -> Series) yield DataFrame, with group axis having group labels

case 2: group DataFrame apply transform function ((f(chunk) -> DataFrame with same indexes) yield DataFrame with resulting chunks glued together

case 3: group Series apply function with f(chunk) -> DataFrame yield DataFrame with result of chunks glued together

Parameters:func : function

See also

aggregate, transform


See online documentation for full exposition on how to use apply.

In the current implementation apply calls func twice on the first group to decide whether it can take a fast or slow code path. This can lead to unexpected behavior if func has side-effects, as they will take effect twice for the first group.

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