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Panel.align(other, **kwargs)[source]

Align two objects on their axes with the specified join method for each axis Index

other : DataFrame or Series
join : {‘outer’, ‘inner’, ‘left’, ‘right’}, default ‘outer’

axis : allowed axis of the other object, default None

Align on index (0), columns (1), or both (None)

level : int or level name, default None

Broadcast across a level, matching Index values on the passed MultiIndex level

copy : boolean, default True

Always returns new objects. If copy=False and no reindexing is required then original objects are returned.

fill_value : scalar, default np.NaN

Value to use for missing values. Defaults to NaN, but can be any “compatible” value

method : str, default None
limit : int, default None

fill_axis : int or labels for object, default 0

Filling axis, method and limit

broadcast_axis : int or labels for object, default None

Broadcast values along this axis, if aligning two objects of different dimensions


(left, right) : (NDFrame, type of other)

Aligned objects

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