pandas.plotting.andrews_curves(frame, class_column, ax=None, samples=200, color=None, colormap=None, **kwds)[source]

Generates a matplotlib plot of Andrews curves, for visualising clusters of multivariate data.

Andrews curves have the functional form:

f(t) = x_1/sqrt(2) + x_2 sin(t) + x_3 cos(t) +
x_4 sin(2t) + x_5 cos(2t) + …

Where x coefficients correspond to the values of each dimension and t is linearly spaced between -pi and +pi. Each row of frame then corresponds to a single curve.


frame : DataFrame

Data to be plotted, preferably normalized to (0.0, 1.0)

class_column : Name of the column containing class names
ax : matplotlib axes object, default None
samples : Number of points to plot in each curve

color: list or tuple, optional

Colors to use for the different classes

colormap : str or matplotlib colormap object, default None

Colormap to select colors from. If string, load colormap with that name from matplotlib.

kwds: keywords

Options to pass to matplotlib plotting method

ax: Matplotlib axis object
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