classmethod DataFrame.from_items(items, columns=None, orient='columns')[source]

Construct a DataFrame from a list of tuples.

Deprecated since version 0.23.0: from_items is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Use DataFrame.from_dict(dict(items)) instead. DataFrame.from_dict(OrderedDict(items)) may be used to preserve the key order.

Convert (key, value) pairs to DataFrame. The keys will be the axis index (usually the columns, but depends on the specified orientation). The values should be arrays or Series.

items : sequence of (key, value) pairs

Values should be arrays or Series.

columns : sequence of column labels, optional

Must be passed if orient=’index’.

orient : {‘columns’, ‘index’}, default ‘columns’

The “orientation” of the data. If the keys of the input correspond to column labels, pass ‘columns’ (default). Otherwise if the keys correspond to the index, pass ‘index’.

frame : DataFrame
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