General utility functions

Working with options

describe_option(pat[, _print_desc]) Prints the description for one or more registered options.
reset_option(pat) Reset one or more options to their default value.
get_option(pat) Retrieves the value of the specified option.
set_option(pat, value) Sets the value of the specified option.
option_context(*args) Context manager to temporarily set options in the with statement context.

Testing functions

testing.assert_frame_equal(left, right[, …]) Check that left and right DataFrame are equal.
testing.assert_series_equal(left, right[, …]) Check that left and right Series are equal.
testing.assert_index_equal(left, right, …) Check that left and right Index are equal.

Exceptions and warnings

errors.DtypeWarning Warning raised when reading different dtypes in a column from a file.
errors.EmptyDataError Exception that is thrown in pd.read_csv (by both the C and Python engines) when empty data or header is encountered.
errors.ParserError Exception that is raised by an error encountered in parsing file contents.
errors.ParserWarning Warning raised when reading a file that doesn’t use the default ‘c’ parser.
errors.PerformanceWarning Warning raised when there is a possible performance impact.
errors.UnsortedIndexError Error raised when attempting to get a slice of a MultiIndex, and the index has not been lexsorted.
errors.UnsupportedFunctionCall Exception raised when attempting to call a numpy function on a pandas object, but that function is not supported by the object e.g.
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