pandas.plotting.bootstrap_plot(series, fig=None, size=50, samples=500, **kwds)[source]

Bootstrap plot on mean, median and mid-range statistics.

The bootstrap plot is used to estimate the uncertainty of a statistic by relaying on random sampling with replacement [1]. This function will generate bootstrapping plots for mean, median and mid-range statistics for the given number of samples of the given size.

[1]“Bootstrapping (statistics)” in
series : pandas.Series

Pandas Series from where to get the samplings for the bootstrapping.

fig : matplotlib.figure.Figure, default None

If given, it will use the fig reference for plotting instead of creating a new one with default parameters.

size : int, default 50

Number of data points to consider during each sampling. It must be greater or equal than the length of the series.

samples : int, default 500

Number of times the bootstrap procedure is performed.

**kwds :

Options to pass to matplotlib plotting method.


Matplotlib figure.

See also

Basic plotting for DataFrame objects.
Basic plotting for Series objects.


>>> s = pd.Series(np.random.uniform(size=100))
>>> fig = pd.plotting.bootstrap_plot(s)  # doctest: +SKIP
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