DataFrame.to_html(self, buf=None, columns=None, col_space=None, header=True, index=True, na_rep='NaN', formatters=None, float_format=None, sparsify=None, index_names=True, justify=None, max_rows=None, max_cols=None, show_dimensions=False, decimal='.', bold_rows=True, classes=None, escape=True, notebook=False, border=None, table_id=None, render_links=False)[source]

Render a DataFrame as an HTML table.

buf : StringIO-like, optional

Buffer to write to.

columns : sequence, optional, default None

The subset of columns to write. Writes all columns by default.

col_space : str or int, optional

The minimum width of each column in CSS length units. An int is assumed to be px units.

New in version 0.25.0: Ability to use str.

header : bool, optional

Whether to print column labels, default True.

index : bool, optional, default True

Whether to print index (row) labels.

na_rep : str, optional, default ‘NaN’

String representation of NAN to use.

formatters : list or dict of one-param. functions, optional

Formatter functions to apply to columns’ elements by position or name. The result of each function must be a unicode string. List must be of length equal to the number of columns.

float_format : one-parameter function, optional, default None

Formatter function to apply to columns’ elements if they are floats. The result of this function must be a unicode string.

sparsify : bool, optional, default True

Set to False for a DataFrame with a hierarchical index to print every multiindex key at each row.

index_names : bool, optional, default True

Prints the names of the indexes.

justify : str, default None

How to justify the column labels. If None uses the option from the print configuration (controlled by set_option), ‘right’ out of the box. Valid values are

  • left
  • right
  • center
  • justify
  • justify-all
  • start
  • end
  • inherit
  • match-parent
  • initial
  • unset.
max_rows : int, optional

Maximum number of rows to display in the console.

min_rows : int, optional

The number of rows to display in the console in a truncated repr (when number of rows is above max_rows).

max_cols : int, optional

Maximum number of columns to display in the console.

show_dimensions : bool, default False

Display DataFrame dimensions (number of rows by number of columns).

decimal : str, default ‘.’

Character recognized as decimal separator, e.g. ‘,’ in Europe.

New in version 0.18.0.

bold_rows : bool, default True

Make the row labels bold in the output.

classes : str or list or tuple, default None

CSS class(es) to apply to the resulting html table.

escape : bool, default True

Convert the characters <, >, and & to HTML-safe sequences.

notebook : {True, False}, default False

Whether the generated HTML is for IPython Notebook.

border : int

A border=border attribute is included in the opening <table> tag. Default pd.options.display.html.border.

New in version 0.19.0.

table_id : str, optional

A css id is included in the opening <table> tag if specified.

New in version 0.23.0.

render_links : bool, default False

Convert URLs to HTML links.

New in version 0.24.0.

str (or unicode, depending on data and options)

String representation of the dataframe.

See also

Convert DataFrame to a string.
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