class pandas.RangeIndex[source]

Immutable Index implementing a monotonic integer range.

RangeIndex is a memory-saving special case of Int64Index limited to representing monotonic ranges. Using RangeIndex may in some instances improve computing speed.

This is the default index type used by DataFrame and Series when no explicit index is provided by the user.

start : int (default: 0), or other RangeIndex instance

If int and “stop” is not given, interpreted as “stop” instead.

stop : int (default: 0)
step : int (default: 1)
name : object, optional

Name to be stored in the index

copy : bool, default False

Unused, accepted for homogeneity with other index types.

See also

The base pandas Index type.
Index of int64 data.


start The value of the start parameter (0 if this was not supplied)
stop The value of the stop parameter
step The value of the step parameter (1 if this was not supplied)


from_range(data[, name, dtype]) Create RangeIndex from a range object.
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