Series.str.slice(self, start=None, stop=None, step=None)[source]

Slice substrings from each element in the Series or Index.

start : int, optional

Start position for slice operation.

stop : int, optional

Stop position for slice operation.

step : int, optional

Step size for slice operation.

Series or Index of object

Series or Index from sliced substring from original string object.

See also

Replace a slice with a string.
Return element at position. Equivalent to Series.str.slice(start=i, stop=i+1) with i being the position.


>>> s = pd.Series(["koala", "fox", "chameleon"])
>>> s
0        koala
1          fox
2    chameleon
dtype: object
>>> s.str.slice(start=1)
0        oala
1          ox
2    hameleon
dtype: object
>>> s.str.slice(stop=2)
0    ko
1    fo
2    ch
dtype: object
>>> s.str.slice(step=2)
0      kaa
1       fx
2    caeen
dtype: object
>>> s.str.slice(start=0, stop=5, step=3)
0    kl
1     f
2    cm
dtype: object

Equivalent behaviour to:

>>> s.str[0:5:3]
0    kl
1     f
2    cm
dtype: object
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