Rolling.apply(self, func, raw=None, args=(), kwargs={})[source]

The rolling function’s apply function.

func : function

Must produce a single value from an ndarray input if raw=True or a single value from a Series if raw=False.

raw : bool, default None
  • False : passes each row or column as a Series to the function.
  • True or None : the passed function will receive ndarray objects instead. If you are just applying a NumPy reduction function this will achieve much better performance.

The raw parameter is required and will show a FutureWarning if not passed. In the future raw will default to False.

New in version 0.23.0.

*args, **kwargs

Arguments and keyword arguments to be passed into func.

Series or DataFrame

Return type is determined by the caller.

See also

Series rolling.
DataFrame rolling.
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