The following functions are contained in the pandas.plotting module.

andrews_curves(frame, class_column[, ax, …])

Generate a matplotlib plot of Andrews curves, for visualising clusters of multivariate data.

autocorrelation_plot(series[, ax])

Autocorrelation plot for time series.

bootstrap_plot(series[, fig, size, samples])

Bootstrap plot on mean, median and mid-range statistics.

boxplot(data[, column, by, ax, fontsize, …])

Make a box plot from DataFrame columns.


Remove pandas’ formatters and converters.

lag_plot(series[, lag, ax])

Lag plot for time series.

parallel_coordinates(frame, class_column[, …])

Parallel coordinates plotting.


Stores pandas plotting options.

radviz(frame, class_column[, ax, color, …])

Plot a multidimensional dataset in 2D.


Register Pandas Formatters and Converters with matplotlib.

scatter_matrix(frame[, alpha, figsize, ax, …])

Draw a matrix of scatter plots.

table(ax, data[, rowLabels, colLabels])

Helper function to convert DataFrame and Series to matplotlib.table.