What’s new in 1.1.3 (October 5, 2020)

These are the changes in pandas 1.1.3. See Release notes for a full changelog including other versions of pandas.


Added support for new Python version

pandas 1.1.3 now supports Python 3.9 (GH36296).

Development Changes

  • The minimum version of Cython is now the most recent bug-fix version (0.29.21) (GH36296).

Fixed regressions

Bug fixes


  • Reverted enhancement added in pandas-1.1.0 where timedelta_range() infers a frequency when passed start, stop, and periods (GH32377)


A total of 16 people contributed patches to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time.

  • Asish Mahapatra

  • Dan Moore +

  • Daniel Saxton

  • Fangchen Li

  • Hans

  • Irv Lustig

  • Joris Van den Bossche

  • Kaiqi Dong

  • MeeseeksMachine

  • Number42 +

  • Pandas Development Team

  • Richard Shadrach

  • Simon Hawkins

  • jbrockmendel

  • nrebena

  • patrick