DataFrame.to_feather(path, **kwargs)[source]#

Write a DataFrame to the binary Feather format.

pathstr, path object, file-like object

String, path object (implementing os.PathLike[str]), or file-like object implementing a binary write() function. If a string or a path, it will be used as Root Directory path when writing a partitioned dataset.


Additional keywords passed to pyarrow.feather.write_feather(). This includes the compression, compression_level, chunksize and version keywords.


This function writes the dataframe as a feather file. Requires a default index. For saving the DataFrame with your custom index use a method that supports custom indices e.g. to_parquet.


>>> df = pd.DataFrame([[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6]])
>>> df.to_feather("file.feather")