API reference#

This page gives an overview of all public pandas objects, functions and methods. All classes and functions exposed in pandas.* namespace are public.

The following subpackages are public.

  • pandas.errors: Custom exception and warnings classes that are raised by pandas.

  • pandas.plotting: Plotting public API.

  • pandas.testing: Functions that are useful for writing tests involving pandas objects.

  • pandas.api.extensions: Functions and classes for extending pandas objects.

  • pandas.api.indexers: Functions and classes for rolling window indexers.

  • pandas.api.interchange: DataFrame interchange protocol.

  • pandas.api.types: Datatype classes and functions.

  • pandas.api.typing: Classes that may be necessary for type-hinting. These are classes that are encountered as intermediate results but should not be instantiated directly by users. These classes are not to be confused with classes from the pandas-stubs package which has classes in addition to those that occur in pandas for type-hinting.

In addition, public functions in pandas.io and pandas.tseries submodules are mentioned in the documentation.


The pandas.core, pandas.compat, and pandas.util top-level modules are PRIVATE. Stable functionality in such modules is not guaranteed.