Comparison with R / R libraries

Since pandas aims to provide a lot of the data manipulation and analysis functionality that people use R for, this page was started to provide a more detailed look at the R language and it’s many 3rd party libraries as they relate to pandas. In offering comparisons with R and CRAN libraries, we care about the following things:

  • Functionality / flexibility: what can / cannot be done with each tool
  • Performance: how fast are operations. Hard numbers / benchmarks are preferable
  • Ease-of-use: is one tool easier or harder to use (you may have to be the judge of this given side-by-side code comparisons)

As I do not have an encyclopedic knowledge of R packages, feel free to suggest additional CRAN packages to add to this list. This is also here to offer a big of a translation guide for users of these R packages.





reshape / reshape2