pandas.read_hdf(path_or_buf, key=None, mode='r', **kwargs)[source]

read from the store, close it if we opened it

Retrieve pandas object stored in file, optionally based on where criteria


path_or_buf : path (string), buffer or path object (pathlib.Path or

py._path.local.LocalPath) designating the file to open, or an already opened pd.HDFStore object

New in version 0.19.0: support for pathlib, py.path.

key : group identifier in the store. Can be omitted if the HDF file

contains a single pandas object.

mode : string, {‘r’, ‘r+’, ‘a’}, default ‘r’. Mode to use when opening

the file. Ignored if path_or_buf is a pd.HDFStore.

where : list of Term (or convertable) objects, optional

start : optional, integer (defaults to None), row number to start


stop : optional, integer (defaults to None), row number to stop


columns : optional, a list of columns that if not None, will limit the

return columns

iterator : optional, boolean, return an iterator, default False

chunksize : optional, nrows to include in iteration, return an iterator


The selected object

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