class pandas.SparseDtype(dtype=<class 'numpy.float64'>, fill_value=None)[source]

Dtype for data stored in SparseArray.

This dtype implements the pandas ExtensionDtype interface.

New in version 0.24.0.

dtype : str, ExtensionDtype, numpy.dtype, type, default numpy.float64

The dtype of the underlying array storing the non-fill value values.

fill_value : scalar, optional

The scalar value not stored in the SparseArray. By default, this depends on dtype.

dtype na_value
float np.nan
int 0
bool False
datetime64 pd.NaT
timedelta64 pd.NaT

The default value may be overridden by specifying a fill_value.


fill_value The fill value of the array.
kind The sparse kind.
name A string identifying the data type.
names Ordered list of field names, or None if there are no fields.
type The scalar type for the array, e.g.


construct_array_type() Return the array type associated with this dtype
construct_from_string(string) Construct a SparseDtype from a string form.
is_dtype(dtype) Check if we match ‘dtype’.
update_dtype(dtype) Convert the SparseDtype to a new dtype.
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