pandas.plotting.parallel_coordinates(frame, class_column, cols=None, ax=None, color=None, use_columns=False, xticks=None, colormap=None, axvlines=True, axvlines_kwds=None, sort_labels=False, **kwds)[source]

Parallel coordinates plotting.

frame : DataFrame
class_column : str

Column name containing class names

cols : list, optional

A list of column names to use

ax : matplotlib.axis, optional

matplotlib axis object

color : list or tuple, optional

Colors to use for the different classes

use_columns : bool, optional

If true, columns will be used as xticks

xticks : list or tuple, optional

A list of values to use for xticks

colormap : str or matplotlib colormap, default None

Colormap to use for line colors.

axvlines : bool, optional

If true, vertical lines will be added at each xtick

axvlines_kwds : keywords, optional

Options to be passed to axvline method for vertical lines

sort_labels : bool, False

Sort class_column labels, useful when assigning colors

New in version 0.20.0.

kwds : keywords

Options to pass to matplotlib plotting method



>>> from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
>>> df = pd.read_csv(''
>>> pd.plotting.parallel_coordinates(
        df, 'Name',
        color=('#556270', '#4ECDC4', '#C7F464'))
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