Version 0.8.1 (July 22, 2012)

This release includes a few new features, performance enhancements, and over 30 bug fixes from 0.8.0. New features include notably NA friendly string processing functionality and a series of new plot types and options.

New features

Performance improvements

  • Improved implementation of rolling min and max (thanks to Bottleneck !)

  • Add accelerated 'median' GroupBy option (GH1358)

  • Significantly improve the performance of parsing ISO8601-format date strings with DatetimeIndex or to_datetime (GH1571)

  • Improve the performance of GroupBy on single-key aggregations and use with Categorical types

  • Significant datetime parsing performance improvements


A total of 5 people contributed patches to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time.

  • Chang She

  • Skipper Seabold

  • Todd DeLuca +

  • Vytautas Jancauskas

  • Wes McKinney