What’s new in 1.1.4 (October 30, 2020)

These are the changes in pandas 1.1.4. See Release notes for a full changelog including other versions of pandas.

Fixed regressions

  • Fixed regression in read_csv() raising a ValueError when names was of type dict_keys (GH36928)

  • Fixed regression in read_csv() with more than 1M rows and specifying a index_col argument (GH37094)

  • Fixed regression where attempting to mutate a DateOffset object would no longer raise an AttributeError (GH36940)

  • Fixed regression where DataFrame.agg() would fail with TypeError when passed positional arguments to be passed on to the aggregation function (GH36948).

  • Fixed regression in RollingGroupby with sort=False not being respected (GH36889)

  • Fixed regression in Series.astype() converting None to "nan" when casting to string (GH36904)

  • Fixed regression in Series.rank() method failing for read-only data (GH37290)

  • Fixed regression in RollingGroupby causing a segmentation fault with Index of dtype object (GH36727)

  • Fixed regression in DataFrame.resample(...).apply(...)() raised AttributeError when input was a DataFrame and only a Series was evaluated (GH36951)

  • Fixed regression in DataFrame.groupby(..).std() with nullable integer dtype (GH37415)

  • Fixed regression in PeriodDtype comparing both equal and unequal to its string representation (GH37265)

  • Fixed regression where slicing DatetimeIndex raised AssertionError on irregular time series with pd.NaT or on unsorted indices (GH36953 and GH35509)

  • Fixed regression in certain offsets (pd.offsets.Day() and below) no longer being hashable (GH37267)

  • Fixed regression in StataReader which required chunksize to be manually set when using an iterator to read a dataset (GH37280)

  • Fixed regression in setitem with DataFrame.iloc() which raised error when trying to set a value while filtering with a boolean list (GH36741)

  • Fixed regression in setitem with a Series getting aligned before setting the values (GH37427)

  • Fixed regression in MultiIndex.is_monotonic_increasing returning wrong results with NaN in at least one of the levels (GH37220)

  • Fixed regression in inplace arithmetic operation on a Series not updating the parent DataFrame (GH36373)

Bug fixes


A total of 18 people contributed patches to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time.

  • Daniel Saxton

  • Fangchen Li

  • Janus +

  • Joris Van den Bossche

  • Kevin Sheppard

  • Marco Gorelli

  • Matt Roeschke

  • Matthew Roeschke

  • MeeseeksMachine

  • Pandas Development Team

  • Paul Ganssle

  • Richard Shadrach

  • Simon Hawkins

  • Thomas Smith

  • Tobias Pitters

  • abmyii +

  • jbrockmendel

  • patrick