What’s new in 1.2.2 (February 09, 2021)

These are the changes in pandas 1.2.2. See Release notes for a full changelog including other versions of pandas.

Fixed regressions

Bug fixes

  • pandas.read_excel() error message when a specified sheetname does not exist is now uniform across engines (GH39250)

  • Fixed bug in pandas.read_excel() producing incorrect results when the engine openpyxl is used and the excel file is missing or has incorrect dimension information; the fix requires openpyxl >= 3.0.0, prior versions may still fail (GH38956, GH39001)

  • Fixed bug in pandas.read_excel() sometimes producing a DataFrame with trailing rows of np.nan when the engine openpyxl is used (GH39181)


A total of 14 people contributed patches to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time.

  • Andrew Wieteska

  • Erfan Nariman

  • Joris Van den Bossche

  • Matthew Roeschke

  • MeeseeksMachine

  • Pandas Development Team

  • Pav A

  • Richard Shadrach

  • Simon Hawkins

  • Thomas Li

  • Torsten Wörtwein

  • Vladimir Podolskiy +

  • jbrockmendel

  • patrick