HDFStore.put(key, value, format=None, index=True, append=False, complib=None, complevel=None, min_itemsize=None, nan_rep=None, data_columns=None, encoding=None, errors='strict', track_times=True, dropna=False)[source]

Store object in HDFStore.

value{Series, DataFrame}
format‘fixed(f)|table(t)’, default is ‘fixed’

Format to use when storing object in HDFStore. Value can be one of:


Fixed format. Fast writing/reading. Not-appendable, nor searchable.


Table format. Write as a PyTables Table structure which may perform worse but allow more flexible operations like searching / selecting subsets of the data.

appendbool, default False

This will force Table format, append the input data to the existing.

data_columnslist, default None

List of columns to create as data columns, or True to use all columns. See here.

encodingstr, default None

Provide an encoding for strings.

track_timesbool, default True

Parameter is propagated to ‘create_table’ method of ‘PyTables’. If set to False it enables to have the same h5 files (same hashes) independent on creation time.

New in version 1.1.0.