property DatetimeIndex.is_quarter_end[source]#

Indicator for whether the date is the last day of a quarter.

is_quarter_endSeries or DatetimeIndex

The same type as the original data with boolean values. Series will have the same name and index. DatetimeIndex will have the same name.

See also


Return the quarter of the date.


Similar property indicating the quarter start.


This method is available on Series with datetime values under the .dt accessor, and directly on DatetimeIndex.

>>> df = pd.DataFrame({'dates': pd.date_range("2017-03-30",
...                    periods=4)})
>>> df.assign(quarter=df.dates.dt.quarter,
...           is_quarter_end=df.dates.dt.is_quarter_end)
       dates  quarter    is_quarter_end
0 2017-03-30        1             False
1 2017-03-31        1              True
2 2017-04-01        2             False
3 2017-04-02        2             False
>>> idx = pd.date_range('2017-03-30', periods=4)
>>> idx
DatetimeIndex(['2017-03-30', '2017-03-31', '2017-04-01', '2017-04-02'],
              dtype='datetime64[ns]', freq='D')
>>> idx.is_quarter_end
array([False,  True, False, False])