DataFrame.resample(rule, how=None, axis=0, fill_method=None, closed=None, label=None, convention='start', kind=None, loffset=None, limit=None, base=0)

Convenience method for frequency conversion and resampling of regular time-series data.

Parameters :

rule : string

the offset string or object representing target conversion

how : string

method for down- or re-sampling, default to ‘mean’ for downsampling

axis : int, optional, default 0

fill_method : string, default None

fill_method for upsampling

closed : {‘right’, ‘left’}

Which side of bin interval is closed

label : {‘right’, ‘left’}

Which bin edge label to label bucket with

convention : {‘start’, ‘end’, ‘s’, ‘e’}

kind : “period”/”timestamp”

loffset : timedelta

Adjust the resampled time labels

limit : int, default None

Maximum size gap to when reindexing with fill_method

base : int, default 0

For frequencies that evenly subdivide 1 day, the “origin” of the aggregated intervals. For example, for ‘5min’ frequency, base could range from 0 through 4. Defaults to 0