Panel4D.describe(percentile_width=None, percentiles=None)

Generate various summary statistics, excluding NaN values.

Parameters :

percentile_width : float, deprecated

The percentile_width argument will be removed in a future version. Use percentiles instead. width of the desired uncertainty interval, default is 50, which corresponds to lower=25, upper=75

percentiles : array-like, optional

The percentiles to include in the output. Should all be in the interval [0, 1]. By default percentiles is [.25, .5, .75], returning the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles.

Returns :

summary: NDFrame of summary statistics


For numeric dtypes the index includes: count, mean, std, min, max, and lower, 50, and upper percentiles.

If self is of object dtypes (e.g. timestamps or strings), the output will include the count, unique, most common, and frequency of the most common. Timestamps also include the first and last items.

If multiple values have the highest count, then the count and most common pair will be arbitrarily chosen from among those with the highest count.