Export the styles applied to the current Styler.

Can be applied to a second Styler with Styler.use.


See also


Set the styles on the current Styler.


Create a copy of the current Styler.


This method is designed to copy non-data dependent attributes of one Styler to another. It differs from Styler.copy where data and data dependent attributes are also copied.

The following items are exported since they are not generally data dependent:

  • Styling functions added by the apply and map

  • Whether axes and names are hidden from the display, if unambiguous.

  • Table attributes

  • Table styles

The following attributes are considered data dependent and therefore not exported:

  • Caption

  • UUID

  • Tooltips

  • Any hidden rows or columns identified by Index labels

  • Any formatting applied using Styler.format

  • Any CSS classes added using Styler.set_td_classes


>>> styler = pd.DataFrame([[1, 2], [3, 4]]).style
>>> styler2 = pd.DataFrame([[9, 9, 9]]).style
>>> styler.hide(axis=0).highlight_max(axis=1)  
>>> export = styler.export()
>>> styler2.use(export)