pandas.read_clipboard(sep='\\s+', use_nullable_dtypes=_NoDefault.no_default, **kwargs)[source]#

Read text from clipboard and pass to read_csv.

sepstr, default ‘s+’

A string or regex delimiter. The default of ‘s+’ denotes one or more whitespace characters.

use_nullable_dtypesbool = False

Whether or not to use nullable dtypes as default when reading data. If set to True, nullable dtypes are used for all dtypes that have a nullable implementation, even if no nulls are present.


The nullable dtype implementation can be configured by calling pd.set_option("mode.dtype_backend", "pandas") to use numpy-backed nullable dtypes or pd.set_option("mode.dtype_backend", "pyarrow") to use pyarrow-backed nullable dtypes (using pd.ArrowDtype). This is only implemented for the python engine.

New in version 2.0.


See read_csv for the full argument list.


A parsed DataFrame object.