GroupBy.rank(method='average', ascending=True, na_option='keep', pct=False, axis=0)[source]

Provide the rank of values within each group.

method{‘average’, ‘min’, ‘max’, ‘first’, ‘dense’}, default ‘average’
  • average: average rank of group.

  • min: lowest rank in group.

  • max: highest rank in group.

  • first: ranks assigned in order they appear in the array.

  • dense: like ‘min’, but rank always increases by 1 between groups.

ascendingbool, default True

False for ranks by high (1) to low (N).

na_option{‘keep’, ‘top’, ‘bottom’}, default ‘keep’
  • keep: leave NA values where they are.

  • top: smallest rank if ascending.

  • bottom: smallest rank if descending.

pctbool, default False

Compute percentage rank of data within each group.

axisint, default 0

The axis of the object over which to compute the rank.

DataFrame with ranking of values within each group

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