Styler objects are returned by

Styler constructor

Styler(data[, precision, table_styles, …])

Helps style a DataFrame or Series according to the data with HTML and CSS.

Styler.from_custom_template(searchpath, name)

Factory function for creating a subclass of Styler.

Style application

Styler.apply(func[, axis, subset])

Apply a CSS-styling function column-wise, row-wise, or table-wise.

Styler.applymap(func[, subset])

Apply a CSS-styling function elementwise.

Styler.where(cond, value[, other, subset])

Apply CSS-styles based on a conditional function elementwise.

Styler.format([formatter, subset, na_rep, …])

Format the text display value of cells.


Set the DataFrame of strings added to the class attribute of <td> HTML elements.

Styler.set_table_styles(table_styles[, …])

Set the table styles included within the <style> HTML element.


Set the table attributes added to the <table> HTML element.

Styler.set_tooltips(ttips[, props, css_class])

Set the DataFrame of strings on Styler generating :hover tooltips.


Set the text added to a <caption> HTML element.


Set defined CSS-properties to each <td> HTML element within the given subset.


Set the uuid applied to id attributes of HTML elements.


Reset the Styler, removing any previously applied styles.

Styler.pipe(func, *args, **kwargs)

Apply func(self, *args, **kwargs), and return the result.

Builtin styles

Styler.highlight_null([null_color, subset, …])

Highlight missing values with a style.

Styler.highlight_max([subset, color, axis, …])

Highlight the maximum with a style.

Styler.highlight_min([subset, color, axis, …])

Highlight the minimum with a style.

Styler.highlight_between([subset, color, …])

Highlight a defined range with a style.

Styler.background_gradient([cmap, low, …])

Color the background in a gradient style.[subset, axis, color, width, …])

Draw bar chart in the cell backgrounds.

Style export and import


Render the Styler including all applied styles to HTML.


Export the styles applied to the current Styler.


Set the styles on the current Styler.

Styler.to_excel(excel_writer[, sheet_name, …])

Write Styler to an Excel sheet.