What’s new in 1.3.2 (August 15, 2021)#

These are the changes in pandas 1.3.2. See Release notes for a full changelog including other versions of pandas.

Fixed regressions#

Bug fixes#

  • Bug in read_excel() modifies the dtypes dictionary when reading a file with duplicate columns (GH 42462)

  • 1D slices over extension types turn into N-dimensional slices over ExtensionArrays (GH 42430)

  • Fixed bug in Series.rolling() and DataFrame.rolling() not calculating window bounds correctly for the first row when center=True and window is an offset that covers all the rows (GH 42753)

  • Styler.hide_columns() now hides the index name header row as well as column headers (GH 42101)

  • Styler.set_sticky() has amended CSS to control the column/index names and ensure the correct sticky positions (GH 42537)

  • Bug in de-serializing datetime indexes in PYTHONOPTIMIZED mode (GH 42866)


A total of 16 people contributed patches to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time.

  • Alexander Gorodetsky +

  • Fangchen Li

  • Fred Reiss

  • Justin McOmie +

  • Matthew Zeitlin

  • MeeseeksMachine

  • Pandas Development Team

  • Patrick Hoefler

  • Richard Shadrach

  • Shoham Debnath

  • Simon Hawkins

  • Thomas Li

  • Wenjun Si

  • attack68

  • dicristina +

  • jbrockmendel